Product Design, Ceiling Light

Meridian Light

The Meridian Ceiling Light creates beautiful light patterns. Its elegant shape lights up the room nicely, like the sun’s path during the day.

It’s inspired by how architects use the sun’s movement to make spaces feel a certain way. The changing sunlight influences architectural choices, making spaces feel different throughout the day, from morning to sunset.

Kingston Uni. Product & Furniture BA.

Motion Graphics
Summer Swag 2023

Gangnam Style / PSY

screened during
Summer Swag 2023 show in Seoul

A 3D animation video featuring a stylized 3D version of PSY was showcased during his performance of “Gangnam Style.” In the video, the character walked through the city streets of Seoul, passing tall buildings and discovering new and interesting things. As night fell, the character danced energetically to match the song’s lively vibe.

PSY, Summer Swag 2023

Animation 2023

Leia’s Cat

(working title)

Character Designed by Leia Shim

This is a children’s lullaby music video titled “Leia’s Cat.” The video brings to life the imaginative world of a sleepy cat, filled with lovely stars and dreamy, soft, and fluffy characters. It’s set to the soothing tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” The character design was created by Leia Shim when she was just 5 years old. The same characters and animation theme will be repeated in future projects.

Collaboration with Leia Shim